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00:01:10 - Welcome to the Wood Whisperer Morning Show
00:01:32 - Thank you's
00:06:35 - How many is too many dog holes?
00:08:00 - Outfeed Assembly Table video
00:10:15 - How can you hide the "paper" in paper-backed veneer when looking from the side?
00:14:55 - Are you interested in the new Woodpeckers multi-function router base?
00:17:25 - Is a mitered joint on a plywood cabinet a good idea?
00:19:10 - Does the adjustability on your track saw keep it hard to keep it square?
00:20:25 - What's a good overhead tablesaw dust collection solution?
00:21:35 - Do you have a recommendation for a router table?
00:25:10 - Do the outfeed table plans come with guild membership?
00:26:43 - Do the wheels of your outfeed table get in the way?
00:28:13 - Are there rules for what grit to start sanding with?
00:30:00 - How can you make alder look like cherry?
00:31:55 - What are the most useful hand planes and best mid-range brand?
00:33:45 - What's the difference between the Incra HD 1000 and Incra 5000?
00:35:10 - How do I become a full guild member?
00:38:13 - What are your thoughts on commercially made flip tables?
00:41:55 - Any tips for jointing long boards on a smaller jointer?
00:43:30 - How often do you do the live show?
00:44:00 - How can you grow your business even more?
00:45:20 - Is the guild the same as the Wood Worker's Guild of America?
00:47:40 - Are jointer bed extensions a good idea?
00:48:45 - How was your mail order pizza?
00:50:40 - How can I run a successful woodworking business?
00:55:00 - Would you ever "upgrade" to a Sawstop?

We started our live show as a community-focused Q&A show featuring me (Marc) and my wife Nicole as a way to connect with other woodworkers each week. It's a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with your fellow woodworkers.

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