Anno 1800 - AGG #39 - Scholars: Telephones & Research Kit!

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Hey what's up everybody! :) Welcome to another episode of Anno Advanced Guide Gameplay! We are in the new DLC Land of Lions and we are going throguh Scholars Tier :) Today we are going to give our Scholars Telephones! and it is really crazy stuff :D :D what more we gonna go about how I've get to 10k Engineers Workforce :) We are gonna talk also about Research Kit and awesome new production chains for Coffee, Rum an Cotton Fabric :) Lots to cover! :)

What more... tomorrow so 5th of November I will make Live Stream #3 for Land of Lions story line as it was awesome to enjoy that story with you guys! :) I would like to invite you to join me in tomorrow Live stream for Anno 1800 Land of Lions :)

So I hope you will find some useful stuff for your own game and I hope we will meet tomorrow in the Live Stream ! :) ! :)
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